Devoted to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through individualized employment services.
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Services for Employers

Workforce Diversity…    is Disability Included?

Assisting employers in meeting their workforce needs by tapping into non traditional sources of labor including people with disabilities.

Hiring qualified, loyal employees for job openings is a cornerstone of success for all businesses. Parents Alliance Employment Project recognizes that these successful outcomes depend on working closely with employers to understand their recruiting, hiring, and retention needs.


Did You Know?

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities. These opportunities translate into lower costs, higher revenues and increased profits!

Employees with disabilities add another dimension of diversity to your company. They come from all backgrounds and ages, and have varied skills and perspectives, adding value to your company!

Customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment! They purchase products and services from companies that support people with disabilities.

People with disabilities represent the single largest minority group seeking employment in today’s market.

People with disabilities represent the lowest turnover rating in jobs.  They are known for being reliable and sustainable.  

People with disabilities are known for being the most dedicated and dependable employees.  They are known for their low absenteeism.  


Services for Businesses

Partnering with business and Human Resource professionals to provide the following services:

Incentives and benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities

Common myths and fears of hiring individuals with disabilities

Where to locate a qualified pool of candidates with disabilities

ADA requirements, reasonable accommodations, and job training activities

Guidance on how to assess current positions to increase operational productivity

Understanding the Role of an Employment Specialist or Job Coach


In addition to assisting your business with hiring needs, PAEP staff provides on-the-job coaching and training to the employee to help the employee with a disability learn and perform the job accurately, efficiently and safely. We understand you may have concerns regarding the employee’s performance due to their disability, and that is why our presence is important.


The employment specialist/job coach will acclimate the employee to the work environment. With us there providing guidance, we make sure they are meeting your production standards and essential functions of the job. Our presence at the job is consistent until the employee has learned 100% of the job.


Become an Employer

If you have a staffing need for loyal, reliable, committed and passionate employees or interns, then PAEP can help. We support approximately 100 active job seekers whose background and skills are as varied as your business’ needs each year. For almost 40 years, PAEP has helped hundreds of small, medium and large employers find dedicated employees known for their diligence on the job and their longevity at their place of employment.


It is our goal to ensure that each job placement is a win/win for you and the employee. Our customized approach starts with your business’ needs. Our staff will spend time getting to know you and your organization and will help you identify entry level tasks that will improve your business’s efficiency and your bottom line. Once we have agreed on the primary business needs, our team will match those tasks to the talents and interests of the potential appropriate job seeker. We have had much success conducting pre-screening to identify the most qualified candidates, and enabling the employer to meet a short-list of excellent prospects. You control whom you meet, interview and eventually hire. However, we are not done at this point. 


Our team has trained Employment Specialist that facilitates on-site training needs, provides continuous on-the-job supports and coaching if needed, and communicates with you and your other employees on an ongoing basis. Our presence is determined by your needs as well as the employee’s. We aim to make sure the match is working and the new employee is comfortable within the first few weeks of hire, and will continue to support the coworkers, supervisors and team as a whole to maintain successful employment.


We have found that most PAEP clients can work independently once initial training as been completed, but every clients service is customized depending on the type of support they need. Many take public transportation to and from their jobs.  Employees form friendships with their coworkers and take great pride in their work. There are also many benefits to you as the employer. Hiring PAEP clients is a smart thing to do, a great way to diversify your workforce, improve efficiency, and demonstrate your commitment to improving the lives of others in your community.


Employer/Business Inquires/Questions

If you are interested in becoming an employer/business partner or learning more about being an inclusive employer/business partner, please place all inquires and questions here.  

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through individualized employment services.


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