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Impact of Our Services 

Building Stamina, Building a Future. 

When you ask Allyson Kurczek about her new career as a full-time Package Handler, her pride is evident when she signs with enthusiasm, “I love my job!” As an individual born Hard-of-Hearing, Allyson encountered many communication and attitudinal barriers along her employment journey. But beyond these barriers, one thing was certain: Allyson was determined to reach her dream of obtaining work that involved physical labor at a warehouse. She did not let these barriers stand in the way of her ability to showcase her talents. 

Allyson joined the Project SEARCH program offered through Parents Alliance Employment Project (PAEP) in partnership with Northwestern Medicine at Delnor Hospital in August 2018. Through this program, Allyson worked with PAEP LEAD Skills Trainer, Hailey Mankivsky to be placed into three internship rotations that included the Receiving Dock, Central Supply and the Linen Department. These internships challenged Allyson to learn how to accurately unload heavy shipments from trucks, cross check boxes for purchase order numbers, compare items for accuracy and make deliveries within the hospital. Over the course of eight months, Allyson worked diligently to learn skills and build her stamina, knowing that they would transfer into and help her achieve her dream job. Allyson’s dream officially became reality in April 2019 when she was hired by FedEx as a part-time Package Handler. 

Allyson was immediately welcomed by FedEx, finding out early on that she would be working on a team alongside other Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, a diversity initiative that is strongly supported by FedEx. This meant that many of the barriers faced by Allyson as an individual who is Hard of-Hearing would be non-existent and allowed her to thrive; to be her true self. As a result of her hard work, persistence, willpower and determination, Allyson was promoted to full-time employment. What started as a dream was quickly turned into reality, which turned into a real future for Allyson. 

Allyson’s beaming smile on her face says it all. She walks a little bit taller these days and is proud to be a contributing member to the FedEx team. Prior to entering the program, Allyson’s parents expressed concern about her future. Would she ever work? Would her employer be accepting of her disability? Allyson’s mom, Tricia Kurczek can willingly answer, “This is the happiest I have seen her!”

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through individualized employment services.


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