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Resources for Businesses

Disability Employment 101 (PDF)

Diversifying Your Workforce Guide (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Can provide assistance to businesses on Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues.

Job Accommodations Network - Website devoted to reasonable accommodations for creating a workable environment for employees with disabilities.

United States Department of Labor - Provides linkage to information regarding labor laws and Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Americans with Disabilities Act - Provides information on the requirements of employers as it relates to the hiring of people with disabilities


Services for Employers

workforce diversity

Workforce Diversity…
    is Disability Included?

Parents Alliance Employment Project assists employers in meeting their workforce needs by tapping into non traditional sources of labor including people with disabilities. Hiring qualified, loyal employees for job openings is a cornerstone of success for all businesses.

Parents Alliance Employment Project recognizes that these successful outcomes depend on working closely with employers to understand their recruiting, hiring, and retention needs.

Did You Know??…

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities. These opportunities translate into lower costs, higher revenues and increased profits!

Employees with disabilities add another dimension of diversity to your company. They come from all backgrounds and ages, and have varied skills and perspectives, adding value to your company!

Customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion dollar market segment! They purchase products and services from companies that best meet their needs.

People with disabilities represent the single largest minority group seeking employment in today’s market.

Employer Services

Services for Businesses

Parents Alliance Employment Project is proud to partner with business and Human Resource professionals to provide the following services:

Incentives and benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities

Common myths and fears of hiring individuals with disabilities

Where to locate a qualified pool of candidates with disabilities

ADA requirements, reasonable accommodations, and job training activities

Guidance on how to assess current positions to increase operational productivity

Understanding the Role of an Employment Specialist or Job Coach

In addition to assisting your business with hiring needs, PAEP staff provides on-the-job coaching and training to the employee to help the employee with a disability learn and perform the job accurately, efficiently and safely. We understand you may have concerns regarding the employee’s performance due to their disability, and that is why our presence is important. The employment specialist/job coach will acclimate the employee to the work environment. With us there providing guidance, we make sure they are meeting your production standards and essential functions of the job. Our presence at the job is consistent until the employee has learned 100% of the job.

For more information, read this Guide to Diversifying Your Workforce.


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